Marcus Nalley

birth date:  July 24, 1994

height:  5' 10"

weight:   140 lbs.

residence:  Murrieta, California

started playing:  Age 12, nearly 13 years old

current racket:  Babolat Pure Drive

hobbies:  X-Box and making music

music:  A little bit of everything

favorite food:  Hamburgers and junk food

favorite car:   Audi R-8

favorite movie:  Departed (love it when Sullivan gets shot)

athlete you most admire:  Rafael Nadal

pet peeve:  Cheaters

favorite quote:  "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make those dreams come true!"

sponsors:  RAPTOR

098.jpg104.jpg162.jpgMarcus Nalley with eddy van Halens arsenal.jpgbeverly_hills_july_3_2010_046.jpgcypress__1_tournament_august_2010_102.jpgcypress__1_tournament_august_2010_212.jpgeddie van halen with Nalley Family.jpgmarcus nalley at zonals.JPGmarcus nalley with eddie van halen refraktion music.jpgmarcus nalley.JPGmarcus1.jpgmarcus2.jpgzonals_2_2010_861.jpgzonals_3_2010_324.jpgzonals_5.jpg