birth date:  7/1/94

height:  5'7"

weight: 128 lbs.

birth place:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

residence:  Irvine, California

nick name:  JRUFF

family:  parents are Arlene and Don and my brother Jared and sister Jasmine

started playing:  age 10

first racket:  Head Radical

current racket:  Head Radical Youtek

hobbies:  Fishing, bowling, hanging out with friends

music: Hip Hop, R&B and Rap

favorite movie:  I-Robot

favorite food:  Pasta

favorite car:  Bentley

athlete you most admire:  Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

pet peeve:  Doing dishes

personal quote:  Be ready for any opportunity and execute...and, "I'm turning over a new leaf!"

career highlights:  Still to come :)

sponsors:  Head and RAPTOR

bio:  My parents encouraged me to try almost every sport from baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, dance and even ice skating!  I enjoyed them all but when I moved here to California and participated in a tennis camp I knew this was the sport for me!  This sport of tennis is unbelievable!  The challenge, the rush and the feeling of making that perfect shot when the pressure is immense.  The desire to work harder and take your game to the next level.  The highs and the lows make this sport incredible.  The striving to play better each and every tournament, each and every match, each and every game and each every point that's the greatness in this game of tennis.